LUMINOUS AUTO is a nontoxic, effective solution that has the power to dilute petroleum oils while being harmless to your health, skin, and our environment. The LUMINOUS formula is made from several nano minerals that clean, progressively revitalize, and protects the interior and exterior of all surfaces of your vehicle.
Luminous reverses the positive electrostatic charge of matter (dirt, oils, etc.) embedded on the surface; then removes it to prevent damage during the cleaning process.

Luminous Auto has the power to take a saturated surface to an unparalleled shine with a simple spray & wipe application.  Without using a drop of water, the gentle, chemical-free component makes this cleaner an all-in-one solution. An ideal replacement for exterior wash and wax plus interior detailing.  In additionto the quality and shine only a detailer could provide, LUMINOUS is a superior waterless solution which provides aerodynamic support.