Advanced Cleaning Solution Built from Nanotechnology

What is Luminous and what does it do? It is the reversal of an electrostatic charge. When matter such as dirt is deposited on a surface it is attracted by a charge. This electric charge makes dirt impregnate the surface. What Luminous does is reverse this electrostatic charge and cast out the deposited material such as dirt, acid rain, and other greases and burnt oils. Luminous breaks down the molecules without affecting the surfaces. The nanotechnology of the minerals, along with our water solvent, creates a cations and anions charge. It is this charge that reverses the electrostatic charge.  Ultimately, the mixture of the nanotechnological minerals that dilutes petroleum, also is nonabrasive because it is nano. When Luminous comes in contact with a dirty surface it reverses and removes the matter imbedded in the surface breaking down the positive electrostatic charge.  Luminous is effective, nontoxic, and not harmful to your health, skin, or the environment.